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[Video[Nightmare Base training on A320

I just came across an extraordinary video of the so-called mentour pilot about a story that took place in 2018 during an A320 base training in Talinn. I couldn’t just feel how the pilots was mentally “betrayed by their machine” at some point. I am talking of a serie of base trainings (4) conducted by a very experienced captain, a safety pilot and a CAA adviser (+ the trainees).
Here is the video (on facebook), it’s not published on YT (yet) but I thing that Petter (not ours but Mentour pilot) is making more money on FB.
A lot of technical insight in it, and probably a good one for ex- or current A320 pilots…

LFMD, France

Wow! Seriously scary. Direct law is one thing, but only having rudder and trim would certainly get your attention. How many of us have practised landing an aircraft where the yoke/stick doesn’t do anything? The flare would be a serious challenge. Massive kudos to the captain for getting it on the ground more or less in one piece.

LFMD, France
Bushpilot C208/C182
FMMI/EHRD, Madagascar
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