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Dangerous flights

For those in the UK, and possibly Europe if the Discovery Channel has similar scheduling, there is a new programme called 'Dangerous Flights' "starting soon". The trailer didnt say when "soon" was exactly but, well, it should be "soon". It's about aircraft delivery / ferrying.

A link to the Canadian sight is below. It looks a bit more exciting than the 'Bush Pilots' South African series that was on recently.

PS, the video clips and trailers dont seem to work, possibly due to IP address restrictions.

I would not hold your breath...... Yeah, there's some "dangerous flying", but I observe most of it to be the result of poor planning, or poor maintenance. Lessons in how not to undertake a flight I suppose, but I don't bother watching...

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada

Thanks I wont ;-) Most of these things have to be taken with a large pinch of salt, but it's interesting to see other peoples experiences, good or bad, nonetheless. It's on the Discovery Channel in the UK tonight at 9 PM. I'm going to at least check out episode 1 to see if it's worthy recording the rest,

This show is lame with a capital "L"

Wine, Women, and Airplanes = Happy

I will watch it on Friday as I'm currently in France. Good job there is Sky+

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

I havent watched it yet, I have it on Sky+ Series link. I dont think I will rush to watch it then...

I actually thought it was OK. I will at least give episode 2 a look in. Sure, the Corey guy who runs the business is a fool. He runs a ferrying company, is a pilot himself, but hires much more experienced and competent pilots than himself to do the work. He then pulls stupid faces whenever they want to delay something due to weather, or refuse to fly due to aircraft issues. I think watching him provides various lessons in human factors, and not what to do. It was interesting to see how the two much more experienced pilot captains prepared for their flights, and re-performed fuel checks in flight, and how they dealt with a couple of in-flight issues.

What was rather pathetic was the deliberate camara shaking by the camera man to over emphasise even the smallest cockpit problem, and the scene where a C182 was seen from the filming aircraft to be shaking around all over the place just because it's trim tab was broken.

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