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Homebuilt Italian microlight - can be vfr night allowed?

Question like in topic. Pioneer 200, homebuilt on I-reg. Can it be allowed for vfr night? Some countries (like poland) allow to use microlight by night if aircraft is approved for it.


In UK airspace, any Class A aircraft with an LAA Permit to Fly needs an individual permission to add Night or IFR in IMC flight. Permission is not granted to a type. Permission is only valid in UK airspace.
Microlights are not eligible for Night or IFR.

EGPE, United Kingdom

Przemek, why not make it an experimental? You can have it all – night, ifr, whatnot, raise the MTOW to 600kg, and being ELA1 owner maintenance should be a non-issue.

EPKP - Kraków, Poland

Experimental – IFR – long term based “foreign reg” non-certified – that’s a fun matrix

Lots of previous threads on homebuilt privileges. It may be possible (legally) in a small number of countries. Of course many will say you can do it everywhere or almost everywhere, or everywhere but the UK.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, for a very unique definition of “fun” :-)
My premise was that an UL plane is likely no better off than an experimental in terms of flying outside it’s country of registration, one still needs to obtain all the permissions needed, but with an experimental one can have more (higher MTOW, possibly IFR, hours count, etc) and the Pioneer 200 is designed as a UL/LSA.

EPKP - Kraków, Poland

tmo wrote:

an UL plane is likely no better off than an experimental in terms of flying outside it’s country of registration

One advantage of UL might be, that you are allowed to use many UL-only fields. In Germany you have much more airfields to choose from compared to a few at which UL are not allowed (e.g. at my homebase EDLE). In France (and I believe in Italy as well) you have many freedoms when operating a Microlight. OTOH you are not allowed to fly IFR in any country with a Microlight AFAIK and the payload-issue remains of course in that class.

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