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Almost landed at a closed airfield

Had to meet my examiner for my yearly PC for the IR today.
We had agreed to meet at a smaller airfield where we also met the last time.
I ended up being a little late as I had to do another stop to refuel. I was a bit worried about a rather stiff cross wind on the following instrument approaches so shortly before landing I decided to pair my phone and my Ipad with Skydemon to check the winds.
I was already shifted from the Information frequency to the airfield unmanned radio when I pushed the notam button on the Ipad. There were only 3. Last one was destination airfield closed for maintenance! Called back Information and they came back and said that it was indeed closed.
At that time I flew over and saw a tractor moving next to the runway.
I barely avoided landing on a closed runway for my proficiency check.

pmh, Denmark

Bet it never happens to you again. A great example though of how we all can get lazy about reading notams.

EGTK Oxford
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