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Le Touquet on Sunday 11/12/2016 anyone?

I would very much meet up at LFAT on Sunday if anyone is interested. Last time I was there I had excellent bouillabaisse at our usual place. The weather looks pretty good although it will probably be quite hazy due to the High and associated pollution.


I’d love to, and a longish test flight is about in order, both for the plane and for its owner/captain. Still, though it has been stated LFAT is “on my doorstep” it is in fact 2,5 hours flying or so, and as much back again, and the days are at their shortest – only in case of all lights severely green could I just think of it. But I might!

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

What is the usual place? I could be interested.

EGTK Oxford

We often end up at La Taverns Royale, a restaurant right on the main pedestrian street.


Aviathor wrote:

The weather looks pretty good

I don’t see that yet (for my whereabouts) but if it were to magically clear up, I could do it…

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

I am hoping to get to one of the next Le Touquet meet-ups but have already got something planned this Sunday, unfortunately.

Maybe there’ll be some takers for a some-time-in-January New Year’s lunch?


Jojo wrote:

Maybe there’ll be some takers for a some-time-in-January New Year’s lunch?

I would if very early in January.


Patrick wrote:

I don’t see that yet (for my whereabouts)

Quite true. Does not look to good for JoJo either, had she been able to join.

We’ll finally get a little relief from all of the pollution which was kept down by the highs


I would be up for LFAT. I was planning to go this afternoon and stay for the night, but just cancelled due to the forecast for coming back tomorrow. And we must be back to attend an event tomorrow night.


Have other plans this weekend sadly, but shall look forward to the proposed New Year’s lunch.

UK, United Kingdom
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