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SureFly Electric Mag

Interested in feedback from anyone who might have installed the SureFly mag. I gather it is only approved for N-Reg but looks like the end of an era for the old mag mechanical as the primary.

Given our Conti/Lyco engines would make a German engineer cry, some sort of advance to the 21st would be most welcome.


Channel Islands

They’ve only very recently got the STCs, so most of the experience to date is with experimentals, but the impression I’ve got up from a few Surefly owners in the RV community is that they’ve been happy with them. The STC only allows one mag to be replaced and the timing advance feature (which facilitates leaner operation at altitude and therefore fuel savings) is only approved for normally aspirated engines with CHT monitoring and 100LL. The unit must be permanently connected to the battery bus via a fuse (i.e. no breaker or switch between the battery and the Surefly), although it is obviously prevented from sparking using the normal ignition switch. A minimum ship’s battery capacity (of 20 Ah for 12 volt and 8.5 Ah for 24 volt) is stipulated, which might be a limitation for smaller aircraft. However, the really great thing about it is that it doesn’t require maintenance between engine TBOs, so no more 500 hour mag overhauls (at least not on one side).

EGMA / Fowlmere
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