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Painting my prop

For my TB 20 ALU-Prop Hartzell I’m looking for
If I would buy it from USA, I have to pay extra hazardous goods cost ( until 200€) the same in EUROPE.
I have tried to buy it, all my familiar sources.
If aeroso spray is so dangerous I would take normal color as well.
But where can I get A 150?

Berlin, Germany

Rattle can propeller paint is not in my experience anything very special.

When the Prop- color is getting off and I always see during the flight the propeller. What sort of colour can I take?

Berlin, Germany

FWIW I have been using spray cans for touchups on my plane, and while the end result is OK if you stand far enough away the one huge factor in getting a reasonable result is the use of a UV lacquer afterwards.

I don’t think any of these paints – as indeed is the case with most paints, including the super good and super toxic 2K system – are meant to be used without a UV lacquer.

What about balancing the blades afterwards?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have static balanced two blade propellers on the balance stand by spraying one blade a little more but I’m not sure that this level of balance either matters or lasts.

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