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KFC225 autopilot not turning on

My aircraft has factory installed autopilot.( KFC225 )
I have landed for 5 minute. After when i started the engine and tried to turn on the autopilot, but the computer has not turned on. The switch lighted green, but i didn’t see anything on the screen of the autopilot computer. I tried it once more, then work. This problem repeated once more.
After flying i tried to switch on 10 times. It worked.
What do you think?
Where can i repair that?

Last Edited by Zozi at 25 Jun 20:54
LHSA, Hungary

If “the switch lighted green” is the autopilot master switch, it sounds like that switch has a problem.

But if this cannot be repeated it will be very difficult to troubleshoot. It could be something in the autopilot computer.

I would replace the master switch. The P/N should be in the STC IM for that installation, or the OEM P/N may be evident from an inspection of the switch. Can you post a photo of the switch?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Today i used the aircraft, it worked.
I hope this is not a computer problem.
Where can i repair the computer?

LHSA, Hungary

When it comes to repairs of older avionics Avionik Straubing seems to be one of the most qualified shops. They have an expert called Martin Scheifl working just on autopilots.
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