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SDMP (self declared maintenance programme) and why some can and some cannot operate it

The MIP starts from page 20 here

Avionics geek.
Somewhere remote in Devon, UK.

This is a very important document. All is there to put in application. Thank you.

Ibra wrote:

I think it’s specific to UK where “maintenance+restaurant+school+hangar+fuel” tend to get combined in one bundle on top of some privately owned runway, but you can always choose to fly you aircraft away elsewhere for maintenance, training and fuel/food

Of course there are big airports where you have load of choices, like Bournemouth ;)

It is one model yes, but not actually that common. And the operator who owns it all is, in my experience at least, more likely to be relaxed. For instance at Enstone the same business owns the northside grass strip, the hangars, fuel supply and the engineering business (but no school). The guy is incredibly relaxed and we are allowed to do whatever we like in the hangar.

More common is the setup where the maintenance companies secure a clause written into their leases that no-one other than a lease-holding maintenance company (i.e. them and perhaps a couple of others at a big place) is allowed to perform any aircraft maintenance anywhere on the airfield. Thus you can’t do your own oil change in your hangar, nor can you get a freelance avionics guy in to fit a radio, etc.

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