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IO360L2A Preheater


Need advise regarding subject. Today maintenance guys told me about this stuff and it seems that it will be usefull with upcoming minus twenty. Can any one advise please model / part number for my engine?

Thank you!


I had a look at the Tanis system just now.

It's an impressive solution, which is impressively complicated!

Having been frequently involved in heat dissipation issues in electronic equipment, I suspect the biggest problem is that there isn't any place on a Lyco engine to which one could bolt something with a decent enough contact area to transfer a few hundred watts, without overheating the metal locally.

They could easily have cast a small flat surface, say 3" x 3", on each of the two crankcases, machined smooth, with four bolt holes.

I am suprised somebody doesn't make a heater "gasket" which would be squeezed between the sump and the crankcase. That would have the biggest contact area and the heat would be transferred to the oil.

Maybe temps like -20C really do need many heating points?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

An ancient way to ensure a smooth engine start in cold weather is to pour a cupful of avgas into the oil while the engine is still warm after shutdown, then crank the engine a few turns to mix it. When you come back the next day, the diluted oil will be thin enough to crank the cold engine, but the fuel will quickly evaporate as the engine warms up, bringing the oil back to normal specs. Some engines (e.g. M-14 on a Yak-52 or Yak-18T) have a dedicated dilution cock from the fuel system to the oil tank. I am not sure whether this is approved on Lycoming, but it won't hurt to ask. I have successfully used this technique on an antique military jeep filled with summer-viscosity straight oil when the temperature suddenly dropped from -5° to -30° in just one day.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic


Techs told me adding avgas is usefull on oldies like Yak-18, but will be useless with 172SP :(

Finally, it seems, that this will be my solution:

Peter, techs also told me, it will be enough to warm up oil sump. So, I hope, solution above will be good for my conditions.

Thank you for replies!

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