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McMurdo FastFind Max G Battery Replacement

Has anyone had the batter replaced in their McMurdo FastFind Max G yet?

If so, how much did it cost you?


EIWT Weston

I had my FastFind 210 done for £87.94 inc VAT + return shipping. It was a next day service (I sent it on Monday, they received Tuesday, I got it back Wednesday)

But, looking at their website, it appears the Max G is ‘DIY-able’:-

Replacement Standard -20 Degree Battery Pack Kit including screw, rubber O-rings and fitting instructions for you, the end-user to safely perform the task yourself.

Thanks Steve.

I was quoted with a charge of about €100 over the phone for replacing our battery. When it was done, I was billed €217 denying any knowledge of the original quote. The charge was €160 for the battery and remainder for the replacement (and presumably postage cost of returning it).

So I was just trying to get an idea if the original quote was a genuine error, for someone taking the P. The link you give show a charge of £110stg so about €130 for the battery. Looks like it might have been a bit of both to me.


EIWT Weston

There is a limited number of lithium battery shapes out there, and if you open up an ELT you can see an easy way to re-make the battery pack.

The problem is that, according to some, a DIY replacement is not legal because you cannot generate a release form e.g. EASA-1

For for a handheld unit, it can’t matter. But you need to do it very carefully, due to the fire potential.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have just sent mine

to Sartech as usual and they came back with £260 for a battery pack. Apparently McMurdo are trying to get everybody to bin these PLBs and buy new ones…

So it is coming back to me. I have nothing to lose so I will open it up and see what batteries it uses and report

The above Sparesmarine link says £169 which is not much better.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have just got it back from Sartech (which was going to replace the battery).

The battery pack is sealed; no way to get into it

The terminals, which evidently connect directly to the battery pack, still measure 12.6V. So I am not going to cut it open. Anything above 12V is described as OK in the MM.

I think opening it would damage it, so it would be a one-off procedure, where the case would be broken, batteries replaced, and the case re-sealed with epoxy.

Sparesmarine are selling the above pack for £170 and it takes about 5 mins to DIY change it. Just one screw.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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