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National diversity on EuroGA

It is great to see a new super-informative, experience-sharing, non-inflammatory place for aviators to inhabit to be introduced.

Since this is a multinational (albeit of its Euro designation) forum it would be interesting to know what European (and not only) nations are represented in here.

I would presume the majority posting here are UK flyers, but it is still interesting, if only from the statistical point of view.

I will start with myself: Lithuania



Wine, Women, and Airplanes = Happy

Germany (but I lived in Italy for several years).

To a certain degree, there is a nice mixture of nationalities here, but still, the vast majority is from UK, or North America.

Ideally, there would be even more "european" people here...such that when a question regarding, let's say, Spain comes up, someone from Spain could chime in and give some "local" insight. That would really be great. Time will tell.

However, there are limits to this obviously, because relatively few non-native English speakers feel comfortable posting and discussing in English. This applies particularly to the southern european countries, where most people's English is, well, rather limited. On the other hand, IME, those flyers who have interesting stories to tell usually speak English quite well, no matter where they come from.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Czech, UK since 1969.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Brit, for at-least 400 years according to some elderly relatives who enjoy geneaology. Personally I can only vouch for the last four and a bit decades.


Boffin at large
Various, southern UK.

Well given my name it will be no surprise to learn that I'm from Ireland ;)

EIWT Weston

UK (or GBR as my new medical states) Maybe Scotland after the referendum. Family has been in the village for at least as long as GtE mentions.

EGPE, United Kingdom

Australian, since 1971.....

EGTK Oxford

Another Australian...

Upper Harford, United Kingdom

Bosnian, living in Croatia since 1992

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
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