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EASA PtF - transferring from one register to another

As the title suggests, a flier colleague of mine is looking to purchase an aircraft which was produced and flown on an EASA PtF. This aircraft was latterly certified as an LSA but the aircraft this colleague is looking at cannot be brought up to scratch of the TC without excessive cost – this was recognised hence it has a ‘permanent’ PtF based on 21.A.701(a)15. The aircraft is currently being flown on the Swiss register – HB-WY – but the new owner lives in Germany hence the aircraft would have to be deregistered and then reregistered on another registry as the Swiss do not allow ownership of planes on their register except in circumstances concerning AOCs and similar.

My friend has tried talking to the LBA T4 who basically are hedging their bets as to whether this aircraft can ever be registered in Germany – even though it has the EASA PtF! Depending on who you ask, it theoretically could be registered as an Ultralight (D-Mxxx registration) if he was to change the parachute, remove the autopilot, fit a fixed pitch propeller and limit the weight to 472kg (yeah, sure…). As the MTOW of this aircraft is 600kg, he wants to register it as D-Exxx thus allowing to keep the parachute, propeller and autopilot as it is but the LBA is humming and refusing to give a clear statement.

The question:

what would be the easiest way to allow the aircraft to be flown to Germany, reregister it and keep it flying legally? Does anyone know of a register which would allow an application using a simple transfer of ownership / registry via (eg) EASA Form 18B from HB to another register whilst allowing the owner to live in (e.g.) Germany (ie the French or Dutch registers?)


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EDL*, Germany

@mh should know more about the German angle.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Really surprising that no other German pilot with a non certified aircraft knows about this. Germany has quite a large non cert community. OTOH registry transfers of these are potentially complicated. One previous thread is here.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I think this is different and very special. An EASA permit to fly aircraft is different from the usual national non certified aircraft.


As far as I’ve been able to comprehend, it was intended that EASA permit to Fly aircraft only be on such a permit for 2 years until they were to be certified. But the delays and cock ups around this meant that there are plenty of aircraft on a PtF which cannot be brought up to the TC levels hence they have been given permanent Permits to Fly, albeit with the renewal each year.

So far the task seems to be that my friend needs to deregister the aircraft, apply to EASA for new flight conditions using form 18b and then submit the new datasheet and flight conditions along with any other required documents to the LBA for issuance of a permit….. it will never be listed on the country’s register of aircraft, just be issued a permit to fly which needs to be renewed yearly.

EDL*, Germany
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