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There is a possibility to certify TB 9 airplane/airframe (as you know engines are certified already) for MOGAS/AUTOGAS and STCs can be issued!!!

I got in touch with Mr. Achim Kocks from Gomolzig and he offers us, TB 9 owners, to Certify the airplane and issue STCs.

The tests including inflight tests will cost something around 15-20K Euros so I’m searching for all the TB 9 owners who would be interest in cutting costs of flying using of MOGAS to participate in obtaining TB 9 MOGAS STC.

Should you be interested in please pm me. Should you know anybody who’s flying TB9 and could be interested in this project please pass this message.
Just would you please help to spread this message among TB9 owners?
Thank you.

All the best


This has also popped up on the Socata owners group, where there is a letter from one firm

Presumably he is referring to N-reg.

Gomolzig have not replied yet to the person making the enquiry.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I was in touch with both.
Got similar answer from Todd as post above quotes with lot’s of explanations so learned something new again.
Gomolzig made an offer for TB9 owners regarding tests of airframe – see my first post.
It’s no use/too expensive for one owner hence I’m searching for others that could be interested in getting TB 9 tested so Mogas STC can be issued.
Once it’s done then we’ll keep flying more for less.

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any progress in this case?


How I wish Rallye MS893 owners could get such a letter!

Tököl LHTL

Hello Kristof, hello all,

I´m planning to buy a 1988 TB9 with O320 – D1A engine, and occasionally found your thread.
Can you provide me with some news about the forthcome of this topic?
Generally I´m interrested in participating in the STC, if not allready accomplished.

LOAN, Austria

Hi there

Good for you. You’ll have a very comfortable and nice aircraft.
STC – it’s still open. As soon as there will be enough participants/money to pay for inflight tests we could do it.
I know there was two or three individuals and one flying school in Germany interested in participation.
No more news.


Hello Kristof,

I´m still in the phase of thinking about the acquisition of the airplane, heven´t bougt it yet.
That´s why I´m cautios with the STC. 2k EUR / year are making quie a difference!
Keep us posted please, and in any case I´m interrested in participating the STC

Cheers, Axel

LOAN, Austria

Hello all again,
meanwhile I did some investigations, and found out, that there is a STC (“AIRWORTHINESS APPROVAL NOTE NO: 27742”) from the CAA-UK for Mogas for the TB 9 in combination with the Lycoming 0–320–E, which cites the STC SE1931CE from Petersen Aviation and SE800GL – E.A.Association.
On the other hand, there exists a STC, (CAA-UK-AAN 27744[engine]) for quite a lot of Lycoming O-320 engines, unfortunately not including e.g. the D-series of the O320, which seems to be an often used engine in the TB9es.
My understanding as a technician tells me, that if an O320-E runs in a TB9 (with electrical fuel pump) without problems, any other similar O-320 would also do that.
Furthermore it tells me, that if i have a STC for the airframe with an O-320-E and another one for a different series of O-320 alone, it should be legal to use Mogas with these two STC´s.

But it seemes, that this is an illusion.
Vliegwerk in the Netherlands, providing Todd´s STC´s in Europe, told me, that there is a bunch of pilots doing it exactly this way, but that this gestion is – bottom line – still illegal.
So, if we band together for a new STC, we might have to decide for a certain series of the O-320.
Am I correct?

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LOAN, Austria

Kristof wrote:

As soon as there will be enough participants/money to pay for inflight tests we could do it.

That means never. Too many people have been burned with upfront money for pipe dreams which have never materialized.

LSZH, Switzerland
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