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The problem with hiding sticky threads...

If you hide the Ad Hoc meetups thread then you will never see new posts on it

I am trying to minimise the number of sticky threads but there is no perfect solution.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

There is one for me, I know I keep saying it but I find it “perfect”:

This just treats stickies as normal threads, so no priority is given to the filtering. I haven’t tried in something other than the Active threads, but unless wanting to look at specific forum sections, why would one would not want to use that view?

Noe, you are a genius.

EGTK Oxford

I only suggested it, @David implemented. Sorry to say, but that was a loooong time ago. It was advertised, but probably should have deserved its own… sticky thread!

My only extra wish would be that this was the default for active threads (could be a user-settable setting). I end up not using the button, just typing “e enter” in my chrome bar.

Last Edited by Noe at 26 Aug 17:15

It was done here. Shall I make it sticky for a bit?

I already got the benefit of being sticky ones, and was promoted to the headers once.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I think that other thread has far too much information.

I would say, “here is what you can do if stickies bother you”, which instructs to
1) log in
2) use the active threads with the little hack.

FWIW, I see zero benefit of having stickies on the active theads for a logged in user.

Last Edited by Noe at 26 Aug 17:39

I suggest posting that as a request here.

BTW lots of people don’t log in, presumably for presumed “privacy” reasons, but these features cannot then work for them.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Making the site visually more appealing for logged in users is a good incentive

I still suggest posting the request in that thread above. I can’t do everything myself

One of the issues that constantly exists is that EuroGA’s great success (over 220k posts since 2012, and very little dross among them) means that the fast moving forum causes many people to completely miss many threads. It is clear that they have not ignored them because they discover them much later and are clearly glad to have done.

There are two mechanisms we currently have to address this: sticky threads, and promoting threads to the home page banners. I work fairly hard to find ways to optimise this; for sure don’t always get it right.

I tend to use stickies as little as possible, because nearly everybody accesses EuroGA entirely via the Active Threads link and they get the stickies first. I use them for meet-ups, because many people miss the forum threads and then complain that they were not told A lot of pilots who go places are not online much, as one might expect.

Each morning, I promote the previous day’s new threads (with some judgement applied) to the banners. So the promotion usually lasts just 24hrs. This strategy works for people who visit daily, which is the best one can do. Threads whose first post contains a huge amount of text, or a big graphic, cannot be promoted to form a banner; David and I discussed ways to address this but all of them are complicated.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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