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Renting near Lisbon, Portugal. Any recommendations?


I’m currently in Lisbon in Portugal and I always love to rent an aircraft with an instructor for a small local flight when traveling there and if I really like it maybe also go for a checkout.

Have an EASA PPL SEP, FAA Validation, 260h and wasn’t really successful in finding something here yet.

Any recommendations?

Thank you and all the best

Fly for your dreams

I have never rented in the lisbon area, but you might try
In Tires:

In Cascais, there seem to be a few:

I‘m also interested in renting an ac in/near Lisbon for my visit in February.

@Noe thank you! I’ve actually tried to arrange something with the aeroclub since last week, but it didn’t work out, no replies and only got them on the phone once, etc.

I’ll also phone the other ones, most of the ones I found before on Google maps at the airport there more looked like ATPL cadet only kind of outfits.

@Dominik if something works out I’ll post it here and let you know. And I’ve not forgotten about our beer in Wels or Vienna!

Fly for your dreams

I recommend you contact the Aeroclub of Portugal who has its base at Cascais airport (Tires). The secretarial office is in Lisbon, contacts below. They do tourist flights including with instructors but I’m not sure if they let you rent a plane without being a club member.
I tried the same in 2017 as I’m often in Cascais (30 minures drive from Lisbon) but I had to become club member first.
Good luck.
Here is the contact :
Tânia Barbosa
Aero Club de Portugal      
Rua General Pimenta de Castro, 4-C        
1700-218 Lisboa, Portugal
(+351) 21 840 53 17         

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EDRT, ELLX, Luxembourg

Managed to get in touch with the aeroclub, they put me in touch with Pedro, an instructor from there. He was very helpful in organizing a flight. Sadly the weather didn’t quite play along.

But he has also given me permission to post his number here and you can contact him directly by phone or WhatsApp, which I would recommend:
+351 967 693 216

Thanks to all of you also for the recommendations and suggestions!

Plane would have been a Piper Arrow, retractable gear at a very reasonable price. I was also not required to become a club member, but was also only looking for a flight with an instructor and not for a full checkout, don’t know about the requirements in the later case.

All the best

Fly for your dreams
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