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I came across this amazing picture of Farrenberg airfield in Germany.

OK it does not have an ICAO code and METAR but was wondering how would a METAR display and overcast BELOW airport level ?

[edited to add pic here, in case original disappears – Peter]

Last Edited by Peter at 23 Apr 07:05
LGMG Megara, Greece

That would be CAVOK I guess. There are a few airfields like this, my favorite is Coburg EDQC which has RNAV procedures. It has seen a few bad accidents and is currently being relocated into the valley which will make it less usable due to frequent low stratus.

Last Edited by achimha at 23 Apr 06:32

Coburg is not being relocated. They gave up on that idea 2 years ago.
Ruhpolding was similar and in with loads of low cloud and fog around in winter. Sadly it is gone.

EGBE - Coventry
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