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Twins - engine failure / EFATO (merged)

Yes, but as I mentioned it would be interesting to hear your thoughts about the edge of the performance envelope and beyond. I think sims are extraordinarily useful for routine simulation but they really excel doing things you might not want to do for real, or simulating what happens when you go beyond the practices you are happy to do for real. I know, the trouble is perhaps you cant be sure how good a match it ultimately is with reality, but it would be interesting to read your thoughts. For example what happens when you dont feather the dead engine and dont do anything with the rudders?

Fuji_Abound wrote:

For example what happens when you dont feather the dead engine and dont do anything with the rudders?

As you know, there are many other parameters to be known, but assuming the standard EFATO of gear and flap up, blue line, full power on the other one, the answer is that it is controllable with full aileron, and, at blue line, it climbs at about 400fpm.

But it’s a bit of a non-question, as no-one would do that, it is second nature to the MEP pilot to use the rudders to get the ball in the middle.

EGKB Biggin Hill

Timothy – I appreciate that, what I mean is if you dont do those things, and allow the aircraft to go beyond its envelope does it behave in the way we would all think it might – in other words the typical accident after losing an engine after take off, not handled correctly? Of course no one would do that for real, but of course unintentionally they do, and I was asking if the consequences are as we would expect? I was wondering if you had explored how recoverable the aircraft is if you go beyond the envelope. The sim would seem very useful for exploring beyond the envelope scenarios if only a) to demonstrate what happens, and b) to see if recovery is possible. We never want to go there, but we know even some of the best pilots have and died.

The sim is pretty good at that kind of thing, yes, though, as I say, it would be much better with motion.

As I say, come and have a play, see what you think.

EGKB Biggin Hill
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