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Upgrade Avionics in C-130 aircraft

I’m presently serving in SLAF Avionics maintenance workshop at Katunayake Sri Lanka. We have two C-130 aircraft with very old avionics package. We are planning to upgrade the Avionics system fitted in C-130 aircraft. At the initial stage, we hope to upgrade the intercom system of the same. As such, it is kindly requested to suggest the most suitable and most economical intercom system types for the C-130 aircraft.

Thank you

Upgrade Avionics in C-130 aircraft
BIA Sri Lanka

That is a request “out of the usual”, actually a C-130 can hardly be counted as “general aviation” and that’s what this forum is about. That said, there’s several people round here with a good view on avionics so you have some hope left.

But please define the requirements? Myself have not the slightest idea of how such a big plane works but some of the points to fill could perhaps be

-) intercom between both pilots, probably more crew (flight engineer? navigator? load master? pax attendants?)
-) Public Address function if passengers are carried
-) interface to VHF comm’s radio, perhaps HF too, perhaps UHF as that’s what the military use round here, perhaps several of each
-) interface to ground technician (pushback?)
-) aux inputs, switchable, from one or more NAV and/or NDB receivers
-) aux inputs from GPS or more complex “glass cockpit” apparatus
-) …
-) …

Also: what would be the power supply? 24V= ? 48V=? 3×110V~? or something yet more exotic?

The crux, though, might well be in certification. The www offers plenty of projects that could meet most of the above requirements, either by design or with some simple extensions. I daresay there must be some electronics engineers in every country who can concoct something useful and acceptable. Perhaps it would make a good subject for a graduation project at some high school?

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Jan_Olieslagers wrote:

The crux, though, might well be in certification

I can’t believe an old C-130 is certified to any standard except some local MIL-standard, and US Aur Force originally. I think you can do whatever you want with it as long as some “competent authority” signs off somewhere. Usually that authority is the Air Force that owns them. Who owns these C-130s ?


I haven’t seen any old C-130s, but judging by other aircraft of comparable purpose and era, modern GA avionics may indeed be a reasonable and economical way to upgrade. However, it’s hardly possible to make any suggestions until the requirements are clearly and thoroughly specified. Making the aircraft minimally airworthy for a ferry flight is on the one end of the scale, outfitting it for commercial operations in the first world countries is on the other, and numerous variants are possible in between. Most likely, in addition to an intercom you will need a modern radio and at least some modern navigation equipment, and it will certainly be faster and cheaper to upgrade everything simultaneously rather than split it into stages. So, do you have any specific requirements? If you haven’t defined them yet, what kind of missions will this aircraft be flying?

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LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

Dear Sir
Thanks you very much your comments.

Upgrade Avionics in C-130 aircraft
BIA Sri Lanka

Maybe it’s C150

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
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