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Multi-level numbered list get wrong numbers after editing

Look at the numbering on the first level of the list on

I think that is triggered by editing the message after submittal.


Example with one level:

  1. one
  2. two
  3. three
  4. four

edit 1
edit 2

Last Edited by lionel at 19 Mar 21:51

Example with two levels:

  1. one
    1. two
  2. three
    1. four
    2. five
  3. six
    1. seven
    2. eight
    3. nine
    4. ten
  4. eleven

Ah no, actually the problem already comes on first submit, without any editing. Note that the preview does not have this problem.

Last Edited by lionel at 19 Mar 21:55

Example with three levels:

  1. one
    1. two
      1. three
    2. four
      1. five
      2. six
      3. seven
  2. eight
    1. nine
    2. ten
      1. eleven
      2. twelve

Interesting; thank you for pointing this out.

My understanding is that this is in some huge piece of code in a library, and while the source does exist, unwrapping it would not be the best use of the donations we have had so far. These have been very generous but a day of work would use up the whole remaining budget.

I am surprised that multi level lists (both numbered lists and bullet points) work at all.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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