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Bullet points

Can everyone please try to do these using the built-in method, where you use an asterisk: *

It is in the Posting Tips.


gives you

Note the blank lines; they are required.

The result looks a lot neater.

If you want to insert an actual asterisk into a post, it is here.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


  • here
  • and here
  • and here too
    * but not here
  • back again
EGBP / EGBJ, United Kingdom

Reasons why documents should be written in MarkDown

  • it’s easier
  • it’s editable
  • it’s compact
  • simple is beautiful

We used to use Markdown until about 2013 but it created many problems with copied/pasted content (loss of formatting) so went to Textile – see Posting Tips.

Both formatters were modified anyway but whatever you do you end up with a heavily hacked version, to support things like auto youtube/vimeo link processing… There are still some issues with URL identification if the URL contains round brackets etc… for those you have to use the link mode

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


Thanks for the insight @Peter
I’ll play with the syntax in future posts and see if I like it better than Markdown.

I also found Markdown to be limited in mixed use enviros.

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