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autorouter: recent updates

Suggestion: It would be nice if autorouter exposes a way to discuss airports.
We discuss airports sometimes here at EuroGA, but it it unstructured. For example, Biggin Hill is discussed in multiple posts.

I’m not sure what the capabilities are from the DSC forum software, but basically you want to start / read a thread based on the 4 character ICAO airport code…

My current resources for airport reviews are: (German Only) → has listed airports and people can discuss them. → The destination airport might be discussed already; Needs a google search to find them.

lenthamen, thanks for the suggestion.

We have talked in the past about setting up a database of airport info. This software does have that capability. The trouble is though, as you’ve identified, there are already quite a few sources out there. And they quickly become out of date if they don’t have a critical mass of people updating them, etc.

For now I’d like to stick with people posting in forum threads about an airport. We’ve added a banner in the trips/airports section to encourage people to include both the name of the airfield AND the ICAO code. The on-site search is very fast and reliable. Putting an ICAO identifier in there should bring up results, for example:

EGTR / London, United Kingdom

Is it me, or are there problems with Autorouter this morning?

Just tried a route to LFLY and it finds the route but when you try to use it you get an SQL error.

Oxford and Bidford

That is a sporadic error we’ve been chasing for weeks — without success. Just try again when it fails.

Thanks Achim, I’ll try it again when I get home tonight.

Oxford and Bidford
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