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Fuji FA-200 Aero Subaru

This airplane has caught my eye recently. I have seen it advertised in different platforms for a while now, and for what it seems a reasonable price. What would be the reason for somebody to not buy this airplane?

Just to be clear, it’s not my ad, I’m not promoting the sale of this airplane. It just seems very interesting that Subaru still supports it ( ). As far as I know Subaru doesn’t have any other airplanes?


I flew a Fuji about 35 years ago and I would recommend the 180HP version like this


Flew one 2-3 times a few years ago in Holland at Lelystad, really liked it.

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With anything a bit unusual I think you end up with parts sourcing problems every once in a while, but for a private owner I’ve found there are also advantages with low volume older planes: little chance of new airframe ADs, inspectors less concerned with every fine detail of originality.

Many years ago my father learned how to fly (for the hourly rate of the instructor only) in a new AESL Airtourer owned by a guy who owned him a favor. That plane although still flying today was then traded in on a new Fuji FA-200. The owner liked the Fuji a lot, there aren’t many aerobatic four seaters in any case, but unfortunately he flew it into the side of a Welsh mountain.

The Fuji website is impressive for an aircraft that’s been out of production for a long time, it appears to me much better than the situation for other similar aircraft… but before buying it’d be be worth understanding if Fuji or somebody else can actually supply all those little fiddly parts in the catalog, as opposed to supplying just the catalog.

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Last year in May one crashed in Bosnia close to Mostar LQMO airport.

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The german Fliegermagazin had a report on the 160 HP version it in their July 2016 issue. I hope the link is working otherwise PM me and I’ll mail you a copy.

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This seems a very good example, and quite astute to mention it would be a good UPRT trainer.

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Ive always thought they were interesting as an all-rounder…But they have a Yoke…

@skdriller a control column can be fitted. They are somewhat slow assume 105 KTAS on a constant speed Lycoming 180 HP

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The above one is fixed pitch. Is there constant speed version as well?

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