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Marchetti S.205

Has anyone flown or owned a Marchetti S.205? A few were sold in the US as the Waco 220, with a 220 HP Franklin, and I recently noticed a retractable S.205-22R version for sale inexpensively, apparently with a near new engine. The photo below shows an S.205 that is (or was) for rent in the UK so I thought it might be worth asking…

These were the ‘Italian PA-28’, in a way not unlike the Partenavia P.66 was the ‘Italian C-172’. Looks to have lots of room.

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At our club there’s an S205 20/R, I know it’s quite roomy BUT according to it’s owner, it’s very slow (he averaged 110 knots) – which for a 200HP retractable with constant speed prop is positively pedestrian – he said it’s because it’s got a frontal aspect like a barn door. Our club flew down to Dubrovnik, two ‘rather large’ pilots flew that aircraft, they were sat in the front and apparently they were directly above the CoG. If one leant forward to grab something from on top of the dashboard, the plane tilted forward and vice versa when grabbing something from the rear seat. Whether that was the truth or an exaggeration, I don’t know. However I do recall making a photoshop montage of that aircraft with a D-F registration (typically SEPs <2000kg are D-E registered, D-F denotes SEPs with an MTOW between 2000kg and 5700kg) and calling them D-NZ Heavy…..

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Great info, thanks. I don’t suppose the one for sale with a 220 HP Franklin will be quick seller but with the engine being advertised as a few hours from factory new the advert intrigued me (Franklins are very smooth running engines). On the other hand there’s an NTSB report that it force landed into a field with damage, which may account for the new engine!

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