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MU-2 for the adventurous.

Here’s a Mexican reg MU-2B that lacks logbooks. Despite that, it’s priced pretty competitively. MU-2’s have few recurring inspections and are fully supported, so if you’re prepared to not be able to get much for it when it comes to selling, this could perhaps provide some good flying for the adventurous type. I doubt you’d see any depreciation in an airframe like this.

This seems to have the earlier Century engines with 665hp (same as I have in my Turbo Commander). Makes it about a 260-270kts plane. About 1200nm range, FL280. Expect $500-600/hr or thereabouts in operating costs.


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If there are no logbooks, what actions would be necessary to get it airworthy on N-reg?

Sweden, Sweden

If I read it correctly this one is based in the Sinaloa province, which makes it highly likely that the aircraft and the seller are or were somehow involved with the drug cartels there. It is not entirely unlikely to get kidnapped or worse when showing up for buying the plane…

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EDVM Hildesheim, Germany

If there are no logbooks, what actions would be necessary to get it airworthy on N-reg?

I am told by an A&P that for Part 91 the seller can legally certify the total time

Fairly obviously there can be an interesting liability scenario here. Normally when you sell something, without specific warranties, you sell it “as seen”. That is in the UK and I am sure it is same everywhere else, for most common categories of goods, otherwise e.g. you could never sell anything let alone a house or a car. But in this case you are making a specific warranty on something… The Q is whether the lie could be proved. It is fairly easy to spot-check a journey log, with google.

In this case (Mexico) a prebuy inspection would have an interesting variation: bring a sniffer dog

I am sure it is different under EASA. Lots of “maintenance company insisting on a back-to-birth Annual” stories. Perhaps somebody in the business can comment.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

First thing I will check is with the FAA
a few years ago there was a PBY Catalina that sat forlorn for years with one engine missing and fabric rut showing the ribs on the elevators, a sorry sight for such a magnificent bird. We made an offer to the owner and had a spare PW radial ready to ship. Airplane was in La Aurora, Guatemalan airport. I went to high school there so I knew a bit the scene and I speak fluent Spanish. During the inquiry one of our members in the CAF (old name now not PC) called the FAA only to find that it was on the famous blacklist of drug carriers, h in meant that on arrival to USA the feds would come take possession. Beware.

KHQZ, United States

Have you seen the movie ‘Made in America’ ? Recommended viewing before contemplating this airplane, methinks….

Yes, probably the best display of 1970’s MEP types you will see in a movie



what about this one lol this one does not look to bad (bad I have now clue about those beasts!!!


Peter_Paul wrote:


what about this one lol this one does not look to bad (bad I have now clue about those beasts!!!

Yeah, that’s an F model, has the same engines as mine. Is about 10-20kts faster than similar Commander. Good little planes, cheap to maintain and fly. Randy, who’s owned this one before he sold it to a customer (who’s now selling it), says he flew it for $400/hr all in. I have a hard time believing that, but $500/hr isn’t impossible to imagine. Just make sure to get good training and mentor time on it – they’re unforgiving in engine out scenarios and one has to do things right.

Here’s a good link to the various MU-2 models:

MU-2 [ local copy ]

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Interesting airplane, looks to be in good shape (the mexican one) but without logs?

Technically speaking and for arguments sake: Let’s say someone delivers this (or a similar one without logs) to your homebase and there is no problem on the legal side and with a handshake and money she is yours.

Now what? How do you establish new logs on a plane like this, where you have no information whatsoever on times flown and component times?

It is an interesting game of thought here what would have to be done, as much under FAA and under EASA. It must have been done before e.g with auctioned off planes which were in the posession of the authorities following drug busts in the US, there are regular such sales. Can’t imagine they carry their full logs in such cases.

LSZH, Switzerland
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