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Antwerp EBAW

Good morning everyone, I need to be at a wedding close to Antwerp next Monday and am thinking about flying myself. Have obviously looked at the AIP and Jepp charts (know about the PPR and mandatory handling). Any advice from locals apart from that. I have pretty much 2 options – or I fly in on Monday and fly back out (to LFHN) on Tuesday. Or I fly in on Monday with my partner in the aircraft and he flies back out the same day. Still checking. Suppose there is no other parking apart from Apron 1 or the GA Terminal that would not require handling? Will fly in IFR Thanks Wim

LFHN - Bellegarde - Vouvray France

Hi. I fly into Antwerp a few times a year for business. There is no handeling for less than 2000kg as far as I know Give them a call to confirm very friendly. +32 3 285 34 76

I am always asked to complete a GenDec. As you arrive the airport office and the police office both have windows on the righthand side of the arrival hall. On the way out pay your landing fee at the navigation office then clear security.

If you need a taxi I use this number 00 32 3 239 60 60. The airport is basically in the city so cabs are cheep circa 15euro max depending on where you are going.

Total charge Inc over night parking for me is usually around 70euro for a 1630kg pa32.

Enjoy the wedding!

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Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM)

Not local, but I’ve been a couple of times this year.

If you do call them, I’d be interested to hear what they say about handling. The entry in the AIP contradicts local practice. You can park at the “GAT” (not a terminal, just a parking area) and walk in to the terminal. Similarly on departure, after you emerge from security towards the departure lounge, you tell the staff you are a private flight and, after checking pilot licence etc., they let you into the arrival area from which you can exit to the apron again. But be aware that they insist that the pilot has a hi-vis jacket.

EBAW is more expensive than EBOS and EBCI – I paid some €45 for an overnight stay of a 1089 kg aircraft – but for this price you get free access to the airside pilot lounge. It’s tiny – only a table, two chairs, two fold-out sofas, a toilet and a shower – but if all you need is a place to crash, it’s no worse than a Formule 1 and has an added benefit of being directly in the terminal. Take a sleeping bag.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

I have never paid any handling at EBAW, not with the piper ( home based) and never with the Mooney ( not home based). If I want to depart early, I fly the Mooney for an overnight there, but handling? Never. They also never asked it, and also I don’t know other friends who had to pay handling for a small GA plane.


Thanks for the heads up on the hi vis jacket would not have thought about that. Handling is confusing – I have now contacted them so will inform what they come back with. Parents will be picking me up before I head to the wedding so no sleeping in pilots lounges or taxis. Will be great to fly into the town where I was born. It have not lived now for over 25 years.

LFHN - Bellegarde - Vouvray France

and just spoke to handling as well as the airport authority no handling or PPR required below 3 tonnes. AIP quite misleading.

LFHN - Bellegarde - Vouvray France

Antwerp trip went very smooth, no handling required and AVGAS at 1.80 euros. Parking at the GAT very cheap and efficient.

LFHN - Bellegarde - Vouvray France

Just arrived at EBAW. It was not the best first impression we got: First BP Carnet isn’t working here. The guy off the service helped us, but in the beginning he was very unfriendly because he was on the way to lunch. Finally he helped us and it was he who told us, that even their card isn’t working reliable. So if going there wanting to refuel ask the towerguys immediately for BP assistance.
Then the next hurdle when going to the city. All the taxi drivers taking their lunch break too, and being asked to take us to the town, no one was interested at all and pointing on our dog they said: dog not allowed in taxi. Finally we took the bus and arrived at the hotel.
So maybe from now on it will become a nice stay, but the overall first idea was a go around at EBAW.

EDDS , Germany

It must have been the dog @eddsPeter :-)

I love Antwerp. It is a great city and the airport is unique in that it is so nearby the city centre. Never paid for handling in SR22, PA28 or PA34. Also never had to fill in a GenDec. Must be something related to coming from out of the Schengen area? In the winter time, it is one of my favourite cities to go to, while I have heard that many Belgians don’t think too much of Antwerp and prefer Gent or other cities (where Gent doesn’t have the airport).

The restaurant on the airport itself is rather good as well. But there are better places in the city itself. One place I like is Dock’s Cafe at the Schelde.

EDLE, Netherlands
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