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Is there anyone here who can explain me how is it possiblke that a product like AVMAP V is still on the market today? I can understand many people use shit products, which are cheap but I really cannot understand someone using subpar product with outdated technology that is expensive. I recently got one unit as a part of a bigger deal and I must say that I am extremely surprised that this thing is still being sold. Not only is the map presentation cluttered and not very readable, it is full of bugs. For example – the map does not show important prohibited areas. The device cannot show 8.33kHz frequencies as they only have two digits to the right of decimal point. Any input of data, using the wobbly joystick on non touch interface is a nigtmare. And the thing costs 1300EUR. The Jeppesen updates are something like 450EUR. You can have Ipad plus Skydemon for less than 800EUR and it includes the first year updates!
If there is anyone who can help me to find any advantage of AVMAP V, please tell me!

Both screenshots show roughly same airspace. Notice missing prohibited area LKP6 on AVMAP V, which would let you go straight through it.

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LKHK, Czech Republic

I have a feeling that aviation is a bit like diesel. Hard to get into the market but once you have a bunch of old people using your outdated product because they don’t want to learn anything new, then you can sell them crap for gold.

It’s not only map products, I mean look at most clubs, many are still refusing getting e.g. a Cessna with G1000 over steam gauges. A local club (not ours) nearby got a new 172 recently and they voted for steam gauges over G1000, while the purchase price difference was not significant. How old fashioned do you have to be to make such a choice? These are the people that buy AVMAP.


Avmap stuff has been obsolete buggy stuff the whole 18 years I have been flying (or most of them). I was looking at the EKP 4 and that was crap too. The manufacturer (in Italy) has been almost impossible to contact and the word from some of their dealers is that Avmap has driven them up the wall with its attitude to customer service.

I am amazed they are still around, since the bottom fell out of the “aviation GPS” market some years ago.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I bet you will need to write cobol to fix that thing, update the map, set 8.33 freqs ;)

You can’t compare it to Skydemon, probably it has been around in the old days mainly for IFR pilots who did not care much about “colored airspace”?

But you find it still has some living fans around but probably none is connected to EuroGA (or internet) to say yes and why?

Last Edited by Ibra at 23 Dec 19:32
ESSEX, United Kingdom
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