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Backup for Autorouter

It has not had a database update for about 3 years, so it works only for airspaces where little has changed. On a quick test, France works well, but east of there, not really. It merely generates routes which are “close” and probably could validate with some hacking.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

My old win8 Lenovo tablet display is on its way out (I used win8 only because it worked with the Thuraya satphone, which is now sidestepped by the ADL150) so I went looking for a new tablet. It has to be Android or IOS.

I asked Foreflight about fly-by waypoints for Eurocontrol autorouting and got another noncommital reply. I fear they have done what Garmin Pilot did i.e. ground to a halt on the development of European IFR functionality, which is a pity because all we have is the Autorouter which appears to not be actively developed either, and that leaves only the pricey Rocketroute. And FF requires IOS. But I much prefer Android for functionality, plus the tablets seem to overheat and shut down much less readily.

Has something happened to autorouting to make it hard, in recent years? I see no evidence of such a change. And for filing flight plans we have multiple options. EuroFPL looks like it will be around for ever…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Foreflight is the future. I’ve had excellent and swift support when needed.
I’m not an android guy so cannot compare but the last 10 years I’ve never had any problems with ios devices during flying.

Make Aviation Great Again

Snoopy wrote:

Foreflight is the future.

I think this is exactly what Peter said. It’s not the present.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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