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Cessna 210 Around the World VLOG

I really like this. Good to get some info on the trip and it is really well documented, considering that the target audience probably not is pilots. They seem to be doing a great job in a great aircraft.

Sweden, Sweden

Fly310 wrote:

I really like this.

Me too. I am wondering who did purchase the plane and who is paying the costs (pilots, fuel, accomodation….) of this amazing trip.

Berlin, Germany

Well, I think some Youtubers are making a whole lot of money so it might be possible that they bought the airplane with Youtube-money. He is a couple of followers. I do not think that the costs are astronomical, it is a matter of priority(a big one). ;)

I must say, I really like that 210. Looks like good instrumentation and a real beauty.

Sweden, Sweden

Have watched it all. Find all of the protagonists hard to like. Lovely aircraft and cool trip all the same. GA in the US makes me jealous…free cars for goodness sake!

EIWT, Ireland

Peter wrote:

It is a really nasty weakness in this product which loses a lot of functionality as soon as airdata (pitot etc) is lost.

Aspen will warn you about inop pitot system long before switching into a failure mode. So a conspiracy theory would be that they “missed” this warning and didn’t switch pitot heat on intentionally to have a dramatic adventure in the middle of Atlantic. A very nice title for an episode: “…..instrument fails …..” What puzzles mi is that they were flying in VMC and both Aspens were perfectly operational right after turning the pitot heat on.
Another possibility is that they are using a very old firmware version which didn’t display this warning about inoperative pitot system. I wouldn’t fly around the world without checking if my avionics are updated.
AFAIK Aspen is working on a new version of software which would remove requirement for standby instruments. My guess is that dependency on pitot system will be significantly reduced.

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highflyer wrote:

I am wondering who did purchase the plane

They say they made a Kickstarter project before the trip to raise money. That’s how they bought the plane I guess.
With about 2 millions subscribers, I guess Youtube like Louis :)

Interestingly, once landed in Reykjavik, they decide to do a no-fly & no-vlog day to rest.
I was amazed how they could do all this stuff every day !

@achimha wrote:

Risky SEP flights are great when you arrive at your destination but I consider them mental torture.

That’s interesting description :-)
Anyway, I wonder what kind of mechanical inspection they have benefited from, and who rebuilt the engine. Do you think Barrett Precision ?

Not sure if someone pointed out, but it seems to me that the copilot has flown solo around the world in a Bonanza few years ago. I guess he has solid nerves…

Last Edited by PetitCessnaVoyageur at 11 Sep 19:54

They documented the purchase of the aircraft (just a relaxed as their flight around the world):

Matt Guthmiller is an amazing pilot, I would love to show him Europe (Matt, if you read this )
For those who want to dream about flying across the US (I know most of us don’t need it), his channel is just amazing and his vlogging is incredible :

Disclaimer : the comparison to your own flying might appear, ahem, bleak

Peter wrote:

I think the answers are in the thread I linked to, or a similar one. The G1000 can lose it too but it uses GPS data for the background gyro erection / integrity checks, whereas the EFD1000 uses airdata which is arguably a lot more vulnerable.

So the question is: If you lose heading information in the G1000, will you also lose CDI information? I tested this by failing the magnetometer in the Garmin G1000 simulator. The CDI information is still there, both in GPS and VOR/LOC mode.

I would still like to see one of the many scenarios that @achimha referred to that will lose both screens in a G1000 installation.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

World Flight EP 20 can be seen. It shows a nice perspective of Shoreham and the Cliffs of Dover not yet shown by Peter.

Berlin, Germany
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