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Twin loss of control - but this time a question of fuel management


This really does worry me – no preflight checks, no engine out checks?

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Initial examination of the aircraft revealed that both main fuel tanks were found almost full and the tip tanks were empty. Switches in the cockpit were found in the ‘tip tank’ position.
It appears that the tip tanks had been selected on a flight the previous day and the selection had not been changed. At the commencement of the accident flight, each tip tank contained approximately 5-6 USG.


On an AOC operation, embarrassing… mind you, some of the stuff that used to be done in those Islanders was quite funny. They used to scud run between Jersey and Southampton (or Shoreham on the old days) at 400ft… on passenger flights.

Last Edited by Peter at 20 Nov 07:47
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

On an AOC operation, embarrassing…

On first sight: yes. “Fuel selectors – …” is a checklist item on every checklist of every aircraft that has fuel selectors that I have come across so far. But I’m sure that there is an explanation why the checklist either wasn’t used at all or why it was used, but this item missed.

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EDDS - Stuttgart
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