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EASA "safety" articles, and GPS

It turns out that EASA is publishing safety leaflets for GA.

They have a great piece on over-reliance on GPS. Is the front cover pic an Ipad jammed into a cardboard box?

Last Edited by Peter at 06 Mar 10:48
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Is the front cover pic an Ipad jammed into a cardboard box?

If the intention is the reduction of screen glare, then it’s a clever idea.

EDDS - Stuttgart

On the whole it looks like a fairly sensible document, having read it all. However I did think it would say at the end “unlike the man on the front cover, we dont recommend sticking your iPad in a cardboard box and holding it in one hand while flying”. Maybe I missed that part ;-)

My Late flying buddy Trevor Shaw was in the habit of clipping his GPS to the yoke with a bracket arrangement. On one occasion we flew to a safety meeting and on returning to the aircraft found some bloke shooting photos through the window. He sloped off as we approached and we thought ‘spotter’. However the next Gasil did indeed feature a nice interior view of our aircraft complete with the contrivance attached to the yoke in a story about control restriction or something.

Of course, Trevor with the GPS was a far safer pilot than Trevor without: no more position uncertainty distractions, etc. And he was strong enough to overcome any control restriction presented by a bent metal bracket. But it did help feed the jobsworth’s ‘GPS work of the devil’ sect and keep them in expense accounts.

EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom

OK, you go to a safety meeting to learn something about safety, but its not encouraging if the safety staff are going around poking their noses or cameras in visitor planes. Or maybe it’s a really good idea? Saying that, with the full blown iPad 2 mounted on my yoke in a portrait fashion, I recognise the safety concern and make sure my A4 kneeboard and charts are stowed away on take off and landing because it could prevent full and free control movement. In other phases of flight is fine, but I would be a tad annoyed if it appeared subsequently in pages of a safety article.

Last Edited by PiperArcher at 10 Mar 15:26

The best one I remember from The Great Organs of the Chief Guardians of All Things Pure in Aviation – GASIL and GASCO – was an article showing how you rest the tailwheel of a taildragger in a plastic bucket, to stop mice crawling up the tailwheel and eating the upholstery.

That was the pinnacle of aviation in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its Dependent Territories, and clearly matters have gone continuously downhill from there

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
More than one pilot on our airfield places sheet metal collars around all tires to prevent invading mice from playing havoc on interior material. We find this habit slightly amusing and never had that kind of problem. Regarding cockpit safety: I would call it absurd to accept yoke mounted avionic gear safetywise. But as soon as you do a thorough panel mod with e.g. a fixed GPS display run by a notebook or tablet you will be illegal at once. Now guess what I´d call the safer setup ??? Vic

EASA “safety” articles

Not really, this is a new organisation EGAST

The European General Aviation Safety Team (EGAST) is a voluntary safety partnership between General Aviation associations and authorities from across Europe.

Not exactly EASA!

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