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Attitude / personality test

This has been hitting all the pilot sites...

My score

Hazardous Attitude Score
Macho           16
Resignation      5
Anti-Authority  11
Worry           15
Impulsivity     14
Self-Confidence 16 

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Shoreham EGKA

"15" is supposed to be the average score in each category. I'm coming rather close to that :-) But then, a lot of the questions asked don't apply to my kind of GA activity (commercial and instructing) so the results are not really meaningful.

Hazardous Attitude Score
Macho           15
Resignation      6
Anti-Authority  14
Worry           14
Impulsivity     15
Self-Confidence 14 

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EDDS - Stuttgart
Hazardous Attitude  Score
Macho              18
Resignation         9
Anti-Authority     16
Worry              10
Impulsivity        15
Self-Confidence    16
EGBE - Coventry

Mine were all un-exciting. Most were 15. I am just a simple soul. :-)

Always looking for adventure

Mine were:

Macho           25
Resignation      5
Anti-Authority  11
Worry            9
Impulsivity     13
Self-Confidence 18 

However I place little value in the outcome, because I feel that the questions are worded very poorly in many cases. I don't "worry" about the many things mentioned, I carefully consider their relevance to a particular flight, and mitigate accordingly. Having done that, I have no worry whatever, just vigilance, which is very different. Being mentally prepared for an event is not worrying about it.

With the references to "Fate" and "what will be will be", I really doubt that this was created by an experienced pilot broadly versed in aviation risk management.

Or, maybe I am really much more macho than everyone thinks I am!

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Here now.....
Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada

Hazardous Attitude
Score Macho
24 Resignation
13 Anti-Authority
14 Worry
17 Impulsivity
15 Self-Confidence

I think the Macho is because I practice stalls, steep turns and unusual attitudes. I would like to do spins more often, but am not confident to do them without a good instructor, and don't.

My own feeling is that macho has more to do with how you want others to see you, or how you want to view yourself, than whether you enjoy handling skills.


Here's mine. I think the questions are quite poor and not sure what they prove really.

Hazardous Attitude Score 

Macho  17  
Resignation  14  
Anti-Authority  12  
Worry  18  
Impulsivity  14  
Self-Confidence  15  

Hazardous Attitude Score

Macho               5
Resignation 6 Anti-Authority 15
Worry 22
Impulsivity 19
Self-Confidence 15
Some questions are outright stupid. Like, do I report an illegal occurrence BECAUSE I fear someone else will report it? Hell no, I report it because it is the right thing to do. Didn't really tell me anything I did not know before.
Hazardous Attitude  
EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands

kwlf may be right about the practicing of maneuvers, as I checked them all as always practice. Doing that is hardly macho! It is proficiency! What a horribly skewed group of questions of that is the case!

What would the question developer think if I answered no, I never practice stalls, spins and other maneuvers, but then I go and flight test modified aircraft with no recent unusual attitude recovery practice? Doing THAT would be macho stupid!

Some things are very disappointing when you open the box - this would be one! Perhaps this thread should be pointed back at the developer for reconsideration.....

Here now.....
Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada
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