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Bruges, Belgium

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I need to be in Brugges, Belgium next week. Can anyone advise me of the best airport for me. It needs to be IFR and an Airport of Entry. All advice gratefully received.

EGNS/Garey Airstrip, Isle of Man

I looked at this and think Ostend (EBOS) is closest.

EGTK Oxford

EBOS looks like being the first option, yes. Possible alternates are EBKT Kortrijk (barely IFR) and EBAW Antwerp.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

I can recommend Kortrijk, very pleasant and professional airport. Pretty flat landscape and big airfield so you can decide where your minimum is

Thanks for the advice. It seems to be a straight choice between EBKT and EBOS. As you said EBKT is barely IFR, however it could be a good option for me. Thanks again.

EGNS/Garey Airstrip, Isle of Man

If your destination is really Bruges city, EBOS would have the advantage of good public transport (bus stops before the terminal); otoh if you are "somewhere near" you would need a taxicab anyway.

You might find EBKT much more relaxed. It does try to look and feel like an airport, but it really is a good and rather busy GA field, no less, no more. Their R/T is a bit peculiar but they are well used to foreign visitors, no probs there. Very good restaurant on site too, or used to be very good at least - I've not been there for many years.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

For real IFR the only choice is between EBOS and EBAW. Ostend is closer with better transport links.

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

I went to Antwerp EBAW a while ago. Very efficient, not exactly cheap (€80 or so, IIRC, for the usual nonexistent mandatory handling) but OK for a one-off visit.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Oostende has a bus service from the terminal which can bring you to the local train station. There are trains from there to Brugges. A lovely city by the way.

EIWT Weston

Good advice, thanks. EBOS it is then.

EGNS/Garey Airstrip, Isle of Man
10 Posts
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