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HITS (Highway In The Sky) / Target

On my EFIS I use Synthetic Vision and the Flight Director, I also tried the HITS/Target features when I first had it, but thought it just complicated the screen. Now I have over 400 hours on the present setup I wondered if the HITS/TARGET are of any benefit. Does anyone use them?

United Kingdom

I hate highway in the sky [HITS] with a passion. Really can’t stand it on the PFD. I don’t think it is of any use if you have a flight director.

EGTK Oxford

I found it really annoying, but when flying with an inexperienced pilot, they seem to adapt with little difficulty and are able to fly the plane.

KUZA, United States

I did not know those terms.
I found that Highway In the Sky is the magenta line in 3D on the PFD, but what exactly is Targets ?

I fly on G500 equipped aircraft, which does not have those tools.

One of the aircraft have SVT, but not the other.

I find SVT REALLY useful on approach and final, with the runway depiction combined with “the bird” (aka the Flight Path Vector). Just put the bird on the runway threshold, correct for crosswind, and here you go….


jeff64 wrote:

I fly on G500 equipped aircraft, which does not have those tools.


Garmin calls it pathways. Pretty sure G500 has it. It is the boxes in the air you are supposed to fly through.

Synthetic vision is different and very useful.

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EGTK Oxford

What would be really useful is if somebody who uses this presentation actually posted detail about how they combine it (or indeed IF they combine it) with the primary references e.g. a flight director or the HSI bats.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

If used it (more as a curiosity) to intercept the final track perpendicularly. It does add a bit more anticipation of what is going next (compared to flight director).

Could someone post a picture of what this mode looks like? From the descriptions so far it sounds pretty much like the graphical pointers used in flight sim games to help novice pilots get to their destination. Usually a large colored circle or rectangle to fly through (though placed in the sky itself rather than some cockpit display )

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim, Germany

It’s just like X-Wing (computer game)

Video showing the HITS. Note when he switches off the autopilot, and is out of trim, how the boxes move, also on the turn at ELKES. The Target also shown (a circle with a gun site) mostly on the horizon line on the left.

United Kingdom
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