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Galileo satellite system (merged thread)

The airport also has to be connected to the ATC system which costs money.

Well it doesn't actually HAVE to be connected to the ATC system.

EGTK Oxford

I guess it's just another Galileo story of endless postponement ... nothing to be worried about.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

They plan to send a free signal with less precision and a high precision encrypted signal. So if you pay you can decrypt. Will be fun to have smart card to insert to your new GPS. There is a new meaning to a sky box.

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

Galileo CAN be used to fix your position!

Just came across this astonishing piece of news:

Students at the Nottingham Geospatial Institute successfully used the FOUR Galileo satellites to calculate their position.

To me, this places Europe firmly as a world class technology leader.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Only 30 years late...

EGTK Oxford

I don't understand why people are so negative about Galileo. It is obviously a very expensive project, just like GPS and GLONASS. The latter took more than 20 years until it became operational and it still doesn't provide global coverage. Of course Galileo is managed in the typical Euro way -- they can't agree on whether the control unit should be in Germany or Italy, so they build one in each country.

There are many good reasons why such an important technology like satellite position should not be under the control of one single government (and another country one would never want to depend on). GPS and GLONASS work well today so the political pressure to get Galileo done fast is somewhat limited. Still, it's necessary.

Story of Galileo

EU: too bad USA govern GPS all by themselves. Lets tell'em.

EU: Hello USA, why don't you let NATO control the GPS?

USA: Get lost.

EU: We think you should. Or else we're gonna build our own. We'll use the same frequencies as your GPS so that if you try jamming our system you will jam your own GPS also.

USA: Get lost.

EU: Dammit, they called our bluff. Now we have to do it.

EKRK, Denmark

Galileo first Full Operational Capability (FOC) Satellite Launch

Last friday (22.8.2014), the two first Full Operational Capability (FOC) Galileo Satellites were launched from Kourou on board a Soyuz ST-B Fregat-MT rocket. The satellites are reported as healthy. It appears however that the 2nd Fregat engine burn went wrong and the satellites ended up in a lower orbit, apparently 13700km instead of 23500km, but watch this space for updates on their orbital parameters.

This may mean the satellites lifetime might be lower than planned, but on the plus side signals would be 6dB stronger.

LSZK, Switzerland

Better watch out for those funny thingies the next time you’re up there in your shiny Learjet…

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

and the satellites ended up in a lower orbit, apparently 13700km instead of 23500km, but watch this space for updates on their orbital parameters.

Surely that is a joke which symbolises so much of EU politics.

Not that long ago they were saying Galileo would be so much more accurate than the US system, especially with the higher power output. They were even going to charge for encryption keys, to decide the higher accuracy signal, for use by aircraft. They had a grand website claiming 100000 (100k) jobs would be created.

They didn’t say they were going to achieve the higher power by flying them at half the altitude

Are they actually going to use this thing?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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