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Flying in Luxembourg?

lionel wrote:

I know of only one, ELNT Noertrange. It is not considered appropriate for a student solo, and club rules require a specific checkout for licensed pilots.


ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Short runway, village church (with bell tower) on extended centreline (approach path) on one side and forest on the other side.


Here is a pic I took of Noertrange last year, when I visited in the Deboanair:

It doesn‘t do it justice though. The slope on the far end is significant, and the forest is right next to it. A lot of fun, but definitely a little bit challenging.

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Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

And also, no RFFS, not even an A/G radio nor AFIS guy to actually call any emergency services if one actually crashes.


See here local copy for a 2013 collision with the trees [cut down after the accident…], which also refers to a 2009 runway overrun.


lionel wrote:

I know of only one, ELNT Noertrange. It is not considered appropriate for a student solo, and club rules require a specific checkout for licensed pilots. AFAIK Useldange ELUS is not open to motor aviation, it is used only by gliders.
Ah sorry, I forgot the “glider only” limitation at ELUS. Last year, I asked for PPR there (unfortunately, the weather was bad, so I didn’t go there) and got a friendly “you’re welcome to land here” on the phone. In retrospect, I asked for permission with our Dimona, which is a TMG.
EDKM, Germany

According to the fleet webpage of the operator, they have a Super Dimona themselves :)

The AIP says “gliders only”, the operator’s webpage on the airfield says “gliders and motogliders”.


Hi ELLXers

I am planning a quick hop to Luxembourg for the upcoming week end.
Grateful for updated info on landing and parking fees, handling if any and AVGAS options.
Downtown transport too

thank you!

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

Handling is not mandatory any more for “non ELLX-based, single engine, propeller aircraft temporarily parking on apron P5”. Some documents add “piston”, others don’t. What is “temporary” I don’t know. Is a week-end OK? Or only a few hours?


However, unless you make an appointment with a local to escort you in and out under their responsibility and security clearance, without handling you will not be physically able to leave/enter airside (short of climbing barbed wire, and that kind of stuff, that will attract negative attention). I think you will also require a local to take you on their navigations services account to pay for the terminal fee (about 6.20 EUR). Else you pay through the “Business Aviation Center”, and that means handling (at least, it used to). There is no landing fee.

For the Business Aviation Center and handling, see and and note that handling requires a PPR and putting the permission number in item 18 of the flight plan.

Usually, avgas at self-service pump on P5, takes credit cards. There are works on that apron, which at some dates make the pump unavailable (then you get avgas fuel from truck; sometimes on P2; sometimes on P5; check payment options in advance!!! If on P2, will probably attract handling. I don’t know.) I don’t know out of the top of my head the relevant dates, see NOTAMs and/or call BAC, LACC, etc (numbers in the documents and links given).

There is a bus to downtown. Schedules on P5 is at bus stop “Findel, Business Center”. P2 and handling should be around bus stop “Findel” (or maybe “Senningerberg, Lou Hemmber”).

EDIT: Change “Findel, Cité Aéroport” to “Findel, Business Center”. I always confuse the two bus stops.

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