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SEP revalidation by experience (merged)

@Vref I think the easiest would probably be to do your hour(s) with a Belgian FI and then find a UK examiner (AFAIK there are a few on here) for the signature. That’s what I ended up doing last year.

What that specifically authorised for that purpose means I don’t know, but would think that your interpretation is correct.

Btw, since EASA, the flight(s) with a FI have to be done with an EASA FI (not an issue for you, but general info).

@172driver It looks like the alternative is that I fill out SRG1119B and let handle the UK CAA the revalidation signature after paying for the fees.

I would love to here some feedback from FI instructors here, how this is applied throughout EASA land :).
This means a German FI can only sign a French applicant after approval from the French Authorities…FCL945 could have been a bit more clearer what the “if” means exactly….IMHO.


@Vref, I think this solution only works if you pitch up at the Belgrano in person, logbook in hand. After all, the role of the DPE is to verify your logbook entries. The CAA cannot do this absent, ahem, the logbook. Even then, I’m not too sure they’ll do it, they tend (probably correctly, they are swamped as it is) to discourage visits in person. I did go there last year, as I had a combo of reval, EASA license and address change (IOW about a ton of paper !) and the most efficient way to deal with this was to make an appointment. Was quick, friendly and easy. Mind you, however, that my forms had already been signed by an examiner!

[email protected] very tired honestly..I am having this UK licence since 1994 in the good old days of JAA….it didn’t get more easy…the administration becomes more and more complicated every time…I will follow your advise fly with a Belgian FI next week and hopefully I can find UK FE here on the board willing to help….


@Vref, I’m obviously not privy to your circumstances, but why don’t you swap it for a Belgian one if you live there? Might make things easier (and possibly also be advantageous post-Brexit).

Yepp honestly I am contemplating that I always liked the UK CAA for there efficiency ..though I am living partially in a different part of Europe.(not the UK)..and honestly…quite frustrating to see that an EASA licence does not solve the EU acceptance or flexibility as one is still bound by the national Authority or Competent Authority in EASA wording…pfffffffft. I am very happy to have an FAA IR to keep on flying also…Funny to see the FAA is not bound by a specific FSDO or even country for signing off my prof check :)


Vref wrote:

Is this a correct understanding of specifically authorised for that purpose???

All you need to know is in the " Examiner differences document" published by EASA with the process to be followed by “foreign” examiners.


What is the latest on this?

The bottom line is that I need to revalidate my EASA PPL, but I know one CRI who will fly for beer but I don’t know any FI who will fly for beer.

I then know one FE who can sign my logbook for a beer. Something like “revalidation by experience”. I could never keep track of this stuff.

I found this but it doesn’t appear to be applicable.

The FAA BFR is no trouble; I have an A&P/IA/ATP/CFI who works for “beer”

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

When you say you need the EASA PPL revalidated, you’re referring to the ratings held, correct?

Why does the linked thread appear not to be applicable?

IMO, if you have fulfilled the revalidation requirements for the rating in question – i.e. SEP: 12 hours within the last 12 minutes dated back from rating’s expiry date, thereof 6 as PIC (I know you have that) and 60 minutes of flight with an EASA FI or CRI (can be up to three flights, but has to be the same instructor) – you can get your FE sign the logbook for a beer.

Re: non-UK, I now found this on the CAA website:

If you are revalidating your SEP by experience and are flying in a European Member State, please note that a Certificate of Revalidation held on a licence issued by the UK cannot be signed by a non-UK EASA examiner.

SEP revalidation by experience can be signed in a UK issued licence by an examiner holding a valid UK issued Part-FCL examiner certificate or a Flight Instructor with the privileges of FCL.945.


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Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

Regarding your SEP class rating, you have to have a one hour training flight with an instructor. A class rating instructor is fine for that.

Most examiners don’t charge for signing the licence (note it’s the licence that needs to be signed by the examiner, not the logbook). I’ve so far met just one who wanted to be paid for signing. I understand in the UK the CAA say that examiners should not charge for this.

I’m not mentioning the other hours or landings that you need, as you easily exceed those.

Regarding your IR renewal, I know nothing about that!

EIWT Weston
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