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SEP revalidation by experience (merged)

If you have the required recent experience (at least 12 hours, thereof 6 hrs as PIC, and 12 takeoffs/landings also in the last 12 months) passed a flight test (skill test or proficiency check for a class rating), or flown at least one hour with an instructor in the last 12 months, a FE can sign off your SEP revalidation.

A FI who completes a training flight aimed at revalidating the SEP class rating based on experience may endorse the pilot’s license provided he has been authorised to do so by the issuing authority (Part-FCL.945)

I get my SEP revalidated by the FE who does my annual MEP/IR revalidation. I do not need the training flight with instructor since I renew my MEP class rating which replaces the training flight with a FI

Last Edited by Aviathor at 24 Jan 15:48

That’s brill – thanks. I can use a CRI.

FWIW, the FAA IR I keep current under the 6/6 rolling currency.

The EASA IR I have allowed to lapse… I think I have up to 7 years before the 7 exams expire. But then there is the CBIR conversion route which requires no exams at all…… and renders the exam expiry moot. Unless you are running an EASA CPL/IR or ATPL which probably will trash your 14 exams after 7 years (this caught a lot of UK airline ATPLs who went to work in e.g. Hong Kong and came back after more than 7 years; I believe some “route” was found around that).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I can sign your SEP, Peter.

Spending too long online
EGTF Fairoaks, EGLL Heathrow, United Kingdom

Hi All,

I’m based in Germany and on a UK Issued PPL. My SEP Rating expires at the end of August. Last time I was in this situation, and I renewed by experience, any EASA examiner could sign. This time around I’ve noticed it has changed and only an UK EASA examiner can sign…

From : -

“If you are revalidating your SEP by experience and are flying in a European Member State, please note that a Certificate of Revalidation held on a licence issued by the UK cannot be signed by a non-UK EASA examiner.”

Is there a UK examiner on here who could help me out with the revalidation? Is it still the case that a local German FI could do my __"a training flight of at least 1 hour…" __



Last Edited by italianjon at 19 Jun 17:04

italianjon wrote:

Is it still the case that a local German FI could do my __"a training flight of at least 1 hour…" __

Yes, that’s still the case, I just did that (not in Germany, though) and double-checked with the UK examiner who signs my papers.

If you do your training flight with a German instructor/examiner he will sign your logbook. Most probably you will need to apply for a license re validation with the U.K. CAA, send them a copy of your license and logbook and they will send you a new license with the new validity date for SEP.

This is the way the NO CAA does it and hopefully the U.K. will do something similar if you do not find a U.K. instructor or examiner.

NO CAA do however accept license entries by foreign examiners.


OK, thanks 172driver…

I’ll get the flight done.

@Aviathor, I know that I can go that route with the UK CAA, and send them my papers with the instructor signed flight, but it is very expensive… (and not amazingly clear if they will accept a foreign instructor signature – but 172driver just cleared that up).

Now to find an examiner to sign :-) I have until August. (I’m willing to provide a few beer tokens )

Last Edited by italianjon at 19 Jun 17:24

One more thing – no matter if you are current or not, the flight has to be entered in your logbook as ‘under training / dual received’. You are NOT PIC on this one! This seems to be a variation between – at least – Austria (where I did my flight) and the UK.

172driver wrote:

he flight has to be entered in your logbook as ‘under training / dual received’

Yep, that I was aware of, and have done before… It’s just this bloody change to UK EASA Examiner signatures only for the Certificate of Validity that is screwing me this time.

Can revalidation by experience now be signed by the instructor doing the hour flight? If that is at a suitable date.

EGPE, United Kingdom
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