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To do list

Michael, fully agree.

The pilot that I had flown with told me that he crossed also in a TB20, keeping 2000ft whole way. It was great because he could see whales. For him it made no difference if he deploys the raft after 1 or 15 minutes of gliding :)


Patrick wrote:

True, but it’s not that far away! We could easily team up, say for the next Euroga fly-in.

I will keep that in mind. Seems indeed that you are not that far away

Belgium: EBGB (Grimbergen, Brussels) - EBAW (Antwerp) - EBCI (Charleroi), Belgium

This is a thread that it would be nice to revive.

1. Take the Vagabond to Glenforsa (short term).
2. Build an RV8 in my garage (long term).


I’ve now completed the three VFR PPL challenges:
Submitted an Air Accident Report.
Submitted an Airprox Report.
Submitted an Airspace Infringement Report.
That just leaves me flying for enjoyment.

EGPE, United Kingdom

Mine is :

Get a tailwheel rating and be comfortable in one (any one, I have never flown any). My club just bought a PA19, that would make it easier.
Take my girlfriend to Greece, via plenty of great spots described in various threads
Take my parents to Morocco
Fly to Reykjavik, Nuuk and Nasarsuaq
Fly around Alaska. Girlfriend loves seaplanes !
Get a Part66 licence and own an A36 OR build an RV10 (the hardest point, but would make the others easier!) Can’t decide yet
Help some people get into aviation, safely but with fun.

To do list:
- Fly more hours and trips around europe
- Take up aerobatics again

Bucket list:
- Upgrade to a turbine aircraft

EKRK, Denmark

Graham this Sportsman 2+2 might save you bleeding knuckles from building your own.

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)
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