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Good models for flight training briefings

I would like to find a good source of airplane models that I can use to do briefings before a flight lesson. Do you know any good ones?
Preferably wooden models but anything “durable” will work.


We use this:

Works well, especially all the controls, a nice piece. Looks durable, solid wood and all, but really isn’t though. If you know someone who has been doing RC for a while, he would fix the durability issues in half an hour.


Thanks! I will look into those ones. Maybe I also now someone who can make them last.


The fragile look of the rudder pedals is replicated very authentically on this model. I don’t even want to know what the ignition and door keys look like, haha ;)

Indiv. CBIR Instruction

The one in the image appears to have brass linkages.

Of the decades-old models of this type I used, there were really only three types of defects
– broken plastic links (which now appear to be made from brass, so should be fine)
– bent mechanichs (flap mechanism) – it bends back
– on one aileron only – rear half broken off along the grain after what is best described as a very hard landing. Had to be glued back on every few months.

So all in all, they last pretty well.

Biggin Hill

What I am looking can also be quite simple with only the primary flight controls but without the yoke/pedals to move them. It will be sufficient for briefings anyway.

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