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EASA PA46 & TBM SET instructors needed

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Hello everyone,

Peter has kindly suggested I post on here so please bear with me!

We have set up an ATO at EGSC training pilots for the Rockwell MET type rating, SA226 and TRI certificate for the Rockwell MET. Our aim is to become a specialist training provider in Single Pilot High Performance Aeroplane and High Performance Complex Aeroplane types. We have recently been approached by a number of PA46 and TBM owners wishing to gain EASA Part-FCL ratings. Adding the types to our approval is not a problem, however, finding EASA Class Rating Instructors for the PA46 and TBM is proving difficult, as the majority of instructors have operated under the FAA system. So if you know of anyone please get in touch! So far, I have found 1 PA46 TRE and 0 TBM instructors!!

In addition, if there are any owners who wish to discuss/need help with the transition, feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

Best regards to all and thanks to Peter

1 Post
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