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Links opening in a new tab

Strong vote for opening a new tab as default. That's SOP nowadays.


+1 for links opening in a new tab

I disagree - I like the choice of using the same or a new tab.


+1 for new tab too please. Have thought this since the inception of the site, but never thought to mention it before as I thought it was just me that found it annoying!

UK, United Kingdom

The problem with always opening a new tab is that you no longer have a choice.

You will always get the new tab, which you then have to close, whereas currently you can get back to where you were with just the Back button.

We might make it configurable on a per-user basis at some stage.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Sounds like a vote. No new tab please :)

If it's a vote, no new tab for me either!

EGBJ / Gloucestershire

Being what might be described a power user I always have several tabs open in several browsers. Having links open in the same tab instead of opening up a new one kind of ruins the whole idea of tabbed browsing. You lose track of things.

May I suggest trying keyboard shortcuts to manage your tabs. Ctrl/cmd-t to create a new one, ctrl/cmd-w to close, etc. Becomes second nature, really.


Strong +1 for the "new tab" variant.

Of all the sites I currently use frequently, is the one I constantly have to remind myself "duh... do the right click!". Life would be so much nicer..

I think many sites have adopted an "external content defaults to a new tab" approach now which benefits the majority of users. I suspect the "clean approach" of not "dictating" the user experience is more popular with developers and a minority of enthusiasts.

I've developed web sites myself and I can see the beauty of the clean approach but when I'm browsing, I'm a user and I tend to forget which site I've come from and how many "back" clicks I need to get to where I came from. Tabs are sweet!

I'd rather see the web browser offer an option to open a link in the current tab to override the "suggestion" made by the web page.

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

Bringing this up again.

Peter, please, time to start following standard practice here. If a link points to an external site, it should open up in a new browser tab.

This current practice is really annoying.

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