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Long stay in France

Looking for airfield/airpark to reposition my RV, somewhere in France, preferably below the Loire for 6-8 weeks. Ideally hangar or secure parking, accommodation nearby, ability to hire a car and rent bicycles.

Any suggestions?

United Kingdom

Poitiers? Only been there commercially (family...), but there are a couple of aeroclubs on the field. Given it's an international airport and also has an EADS facility on the field, I would imagine security to be pretty good. Good transport links from there also.

There's this place.....near La Rochelle....

EGPD / OMDW / YPJT, United Kingdom

Poitiers is fine.

In fact you (the pilot) will have an interesting time getting out of airside, once the Ryanair flight departs

You go via the aeroclub.

The only sign of life is the cleaning lady and her ICAO English proficiency is probably about the same as Spanish ATC.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Hi Norman We live in Biscarrosse Airpark in SW France. See advert on website for B and B for pilots. here we have a house with a large apron and hangar. We could offer you parking on our apron (which is fully secure as we live here all the time ) Also at Biscarrosse there are no landing fees. We would also be in a position to run you into the local town , about 3 kms away for bicycle hire , accomodation,restaurants etc. For this parking and service we would charge 50 euros a week. By the way we have friends living on the airpark with an RV7. From Newtownards. My husband have been living here for many years and we have flown to many destinations and could offer you information on local airports and further afield. If you would like further information you could phone me on 0033 648505599. Kind regards Janet Fizpatrick

Many thanks to 172Driver, AnthonyQ and janetjinx - considering options and will report back.

United Kingdom

Chauvigny -grass; Chatellerault - hard; Le Blanc -hard; Loudun -grass There is a Microlight airfield at Azat Le Ris run by a UK Microlight Instructor

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