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Approach approval for GNS430

Back in the days when the CAA considered GPS the work of the devil, it only allowed the use of a GNS430 for B-RNAV (RNP-5), and the AFM supplements of the time explicitly exclude "RNAV instrument approach procedures and non-precision approach procedures"

What is involved (paperwork / cost) to get the installation approved for approaches?

Biggin Hill

The GPS/RNAV approach approval is now an EASA Minor Mod, and an avionics shop should be able to sort it out for a few hundred £.

You may have to go to an EASA Part 21 shop, possibly... most of the smaller shops do not have anything to do with documentation and they buy in a documents pack from one of the bigger ones like Lees (now Gama).

LPV is still a Major Mod and the only practical way to get the AFMS for that is via an STC which comes with a pre-prepared AFMS, which you get with the GTN boxes and possibly with the GNSx30W. But your GNS430 can't do LPV anyway...

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

But your GNS430 can't do LPV anyway...

But it can, presumably, be upgraded to the GNS430W standards ....

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