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G500+GTN650+GTN750 in a TB20GT

What do you have to do with your audio panel in turbulence?

Lots of things…

selecting nav1/nav2/com1/com2
identing navaids

In flying one sets up all four frequencies for COM and all four for NAV, when one has time, and then uses the intercom to select.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

A_and_C wrote:

Thanks for your veiws about the remote Garmin audio system, it is of course logical that the system will fail to COM 2, like you I think that the remote audio is perhaps one step too far in terms of centralized control.

It actually fails to COM1, so COM2 should be connected as COM1, and in the configuration “COM 1 connected as COM 2” should be checked. Quite important to check this is correct, else you would loose everything with a GTN failure.

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