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Avcomm headset with dodgy jack: is it worth repairing?

My Avcomm AC-900PNR headset must have a dodgy contact inside the mic jack, as it only momentarily makes contact by jiggling the jack in and out (on two different aircraft).

Is it worth trying to repair it (or having it repaired), or would you just ditch it and buy a new one? (I dabble with electrical DIY but have got no soldering equipment or anything like that).


United Kingdom


If you are comfortable with that headset, I would get it fixed. A replacement microphone jack costs around 5GBP/Euros and it takes less than five minutes to solder it to the cable. Even if you ask an avionics guy to fix it for you it should cost less then 20 currency units. What other headset can you get for that?

Happy landings Max

EDDS - Stuttgart

As they are molded plugs they will have to be cut off, unless you replace both jacks you will have different length cables which will place more stress on the shorter one. Its still worth doing though.

Thanks for the tips. I think my headset is heading for e-Bay.

[Any excuse is good for an equipment upgrade :) ]

United Kingdom

There is a firm who repair headsets, I sent some headsets there before and they did a good job. No connection (no pun intended) except as a customer some years ago.

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)
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