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New IFR Charge at Straubing EDMS

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My continuing battle with Straubing. They sent me a bill for IFR departures when in fact I told them it was a VFR to an IFR departure on my first bill. Told them so in person to which they said Ok it will be corrected. So for my very next TO from EDMS which was also VFR to IFR and Itold them so since it cleared up. I get a bill from them 3-4 weeks later for 2 IFR departures including the one they said they would correct.

Why does on have to go through this shit with these airport managers here in Europe. Im suprised they dont charge for toilet paper when you use their bathrooms. So lucky for me I have RR which has a history of my flight plans and it showed a filed and flight as filed Flight Plan. Imagine if I didnt have that Id pay because its only pocket change but who of you enjoys your pocket to be picked?


You only pay for IFR departures (I o Y type flight plans) at EDMS, which is € 4,20 per flight plan. They simply made a mistake here, and they will of course not charge you for VFR.

Thanks Alexis, Just happy I have the proof it was not a chargeable departure. I dont enjoy arguing with those guys.


Anyone of you speaking german can clarify the charge in Straubing for a out of hour arrival (after sunset) with a 4,5t aircraft ?
I can’t find anything in the english part of their website.


LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

I just checked the (German) feess and charges document. There is one full page of text and numbers about out of hours and night surcharges in there. Quite impossible to grasp even if you speak German. Also, these surcharges will be on top of the landing fee, which, for an aircraft like that, will be sustantial in itself (and which will depend on the noise values, too).

Hence, I would send them an email and ask them to calculate the fees for you, giving them the exact day and time of arrival and the aircraft details. Make sure you are precise and ask them to give you the full picture, including all applicable surcharges. Problem is: they might not want to bother. Airfields get hundreds of emails a day, with most of them coming from people who only steal their time…

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

boscomantico wrote:

Airfields get hundreds of emails a day, with most of them coming from people who only steal their time

There are usually three of them in the office, and normally very accommodating.The airport does not appear too busy so I think the email will be answered. Just make sure to ask that every fee is accounted for.


Last time I was charged 25 € for each half hour after sunset. As far as I could remember plus a fee for the runway lighting. The guy at Straubing was very polite and helpful. He offered me a cup of coffee while waiting for the taxi and stayed together with me until the cab came, although I was the last flight for this day. Good service!

EDDS , Germany

As I said they are nice people. Like at most airports Ive been too.

Just curious how many hours after sunset did you arrive?


I have found the office guys at Straubing as helpful and friendly as anyone could possibly ask for.

EGKB Biggin Hill

I send them a email late this evening (after SS) and get a nice answer.
They charge 30€ per half hour after sunset (plus landing fee plus lights)
Will see tomorrow what the weather looks like.
If anyone around I plan to spend the night either at the airport hotel or in town. They will be working on the airplane Thursday.


LFPT Pontoise, LFPB
10 Posts
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