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I bought a flying garden shed

Congrats @Snoopy :)
Nice report as well :)


75-80 KTAS is a nice Super Cub cruise speed. A lot more AvGas might get you 95 KTAS, but in effect variable noise, constant thrust above 85 KTAS.

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

Congratulations on the new airplane!
On the glare shield I see an interesting number of attachments. What did the previous ower use them for? A permanently screwed down ram mount ball and then on top this clamp?

The screwed ram ball mount was already there, so was the screwed down plexiglass plate, to which I suction mounted a clamp to hold my phone 📱 with a nav app running.

always learning
LO__, Austria

Sav-shed updates:

- All new hoses
- All new filters
- New prop spinner
- Thermostat added
- Electric carb heat added (some friendly chap in Ireland sells it, his email is aircraftgraphix at gmail dot com)
- EGT, MAP etc. probes for GRT EIS added (the computer unit is delayed in the USA)
- iLevil AW3 added (a sweet unit indeed, see

And I just placed an order with ICP for toe brake conversion kit, jury struts, all bolts to AN specs and a boatload of other stuff (including some parts for free from ICP due to an AD for some spar attachment).

The 80hp Rotax has compressions like new sigh of relief.

always learning
LO__, Austria

Anybody know a source for tyres that fit on these Beringer brakes?

always learning
LO__, Austria

No idea what size of shoes you’re shed is wearing, but guessing non-standard stuff have a look at Tost.
OTOH Beringer usually use tubeless tires… nothing at ACS?

Last Edited by Dan at 21 Feb 21:36
ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

We have Beringer brakes on the Super Guépard, although we have the brake lever mounted on the stick which I actually like.
I don’t think the tyres are any different to those we had before the brakes were fitted.
I can try to find out more at the weekend if it helps.


Nice. Beringer is pretty standard. You can get tires wherever they sell GA tires. It’s more about the actual dimension of the rim. ACS for instance. Does the ilevil work OK in practice?

The elephant is the circulation

Does the ilevil work OK in practice?

I will report back

always learning
LO__, Austria
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