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Norwich International

I would appreciate views on the following experience with this airport.
Telephoned to get a PPR number and also the cost etc. I was told “it is all on the website if you want to look there”. Well that was the end of that conversation and it was to some extent true, the website has only one way to go for GA and that is to Saxon Air where a perfectly friendly chap advised that the landing fee (for a C172) would be £30.00 + £1.50 per hour after the first 2 hours, so an 8 hour stay would cost me £46.80 which I consider to be somewhat expensive. Is handling mandatory? – answer “yes and it is solely by Saxon Air”. Aren’t monoploies great!!
I think Seething will get my vote and I will pay the taxi fare on principal.

UK, United Kingdom

Yes, Seething is nice, as is Old Buckenham.

As I have written many times, I got my toothpaste confiscated at Norwich by a couple of members of the homo sapiens species. They enjoyed it immensely, though to be fair that “catch” was probably the highlight of their working day. I don’t think they find many AK47s or bombs in luggage up there; the population density in that bit of the UK is too low for that type of hardware to be effective

It’s a real wasted opportunity that Norwich is (like many others) run by a Univ of Upper Warlingham MBA in Risk Management (the current vogue). It is a really nice city to walk around on a sunny day, and makes a nice day break (along with say Cambridge, though that has a lot more). I paid about 50 quid when I went there and “security” was OK – about 2 years ago.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

We must have discussed this before – monopolies are against EU rules but seem to occur at more aerodromes.

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

I have been there direct from Helgoland in a C172.
Was indeed handled by Saxon Air. Can’t remember the cost but it was all in all a pleasant experience.
I flew on commercially to Edinburgh and while sitting and planning my next leg in the Cessna when returning to Norwich I called Saxon and had them fuel the plane. when I returned the next day it was fueled exactly liked agreed and my departure time and destination was on the white board.

pmh, Denmark

I’ve flown In to Norwich a couple of times. Always found Saxon to be very friendly and good service. Although I don’t ever really require handling! Arranged to refuel to tabs while I was away to save time. You can get the park and ride bus from just outside their front door into the city it takes about 15mins tops and was cheep so you can avoid a taxi easily.

Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM)

I landed there recently when conditions at my destination on the other side of the N Sea deteriorated and got the full Strasser scheme treatment. They could not have been more helpful and my intention is to go there intentionally next time because refuelling there means I can direct to Denmark, avoiding Holland altogether, despite the cost and an extra £15 for ‘international paperwork’. I hate this ‘handling extortion’, but in this case they really worked for it and then waived the charges.

EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom

Yes I understand those needs and then it is a worthwhile stop-over BUT I hate monopolies and hate being charged for a “bus” ride when I could walk in 2 minutes. If I needed the lounge and all the other facilities it is still worthwhile but all I needed was somewhere to park for a few hours.
As a matter of fact I have looked in my log book and have used Norwich (before they had their visions of grandeur and changed the name to Norwich INTERNATIONAL Airport) Airport so many times. I remember the GA apron used to be busy and the place was very relaxed about GA and very helpful. Then it all went wrong and now the GA apron is no more really and stands empty most of the time. So is this because it is supported by the taxpayers of Norfolk and there are (was anyway) county councillors on the board so any required subsidies to cover losses could possibly be arranged with few problems? A question not a statement.

UK, United Kingdom

If you think Norwich is expensive; try Doncaster Sheffield EGCN.
I paid around 200GPB for landing+handling on a tankstop a couple of years ago.

Well you can see how the costs rack up at Doncaster. I flew through there a couple of times last week and it was just soo busy. I explained to my passengers that it’s unique in Europe for having the gates inside the terminals, which is why you don’t see any planes parked there. Mind you, they did have a C150 in the zone – well Gamston actually. And according to t’other side, someone got busted for infringing it while talking to them.

EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom

Although holding no brief to defend either Norwich or SaxonAir, it is my local main airport and I use it where applicable to board and disembark passengers when runway length and convenience dictate, for IAP and night flying currency.

That said a couple of points raised here could benefit from clarification.

The landing fee mentioned (£30 +vat) includes no handling charge at all for, although mandated by NIA as handlers of GA aircraft, Saxon Air ‘handle’ light aircraft entirely free of charge. The charge mentioned is paid directly to NIA, along with a small charge – obligatorily levied by Saxon Air on behalf of NIA – for the pleasure of taking your money.

Parking charges are payable to Saxon Air, but you do have the benefit of using their pristine tarmac and enjoying some decent coffee and refreshments in their lounge. One doesn’t have a lumpy piece of grass upon which to park and the staff at Saxon Air are unfailingly helpful and polite. There is an excellent closed-off briefing room off the lounge and Wi-Fi is available, again free of charge.

Monopolies are outlawed however, monopolies which carry no charge are not. The airport is privately operated and could benefit from some management expertise however, that is not what the complaint was about, it specifically targeted landing fees.

On a number of occasions Peter has mentioned his Norwich experience and in that, at EGSH, he is not alone, however half-wits who cannot interpret the rules in a reasonable way are everywhere from Amsterdam to Zurich and all points between.

Whilst mentioning NIA – and yes, they do operate international flights so the nomenclature is not entirely ill-founded – a special mention should be made of EGSH ATC which is both relaxed and professional at the same time, a hard act to bring-off and not one achieved by EGSH’s near neighbour at EGMC who, when I spoke to them by telephone sometime ago about night landings, simply responded that they didn’t want light GA there and who, when I asked if I could quote them, hung up the telephone!

There are plenty of airports meriting the poor name given them, however, quite frankly, in my view, Norwich is not one of them.

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