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Proficiency check and Cross Crediting SP ME IR

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First off sorry if this a bit of a repeat. I read two other threads on here about cross crediting but there seems to be a change due to PBN and I don’t understand it.

What is this about “while exercising PBN privelages”at the bottom explaining the asterisk? I have PBN privileges, so am I always exercising them anytime while flying IFR? Or does this mean I have to have flown 3 RNP Departures/Arrivals. I have SP ME IR and SP SE IR. I also completed the PBN requirements with my initial IR. I fulfill the RNP approaches but only have 1 RNAV departure. I’ve flown enough IFR approaches/departures if you read it the first way, but not if they have to be RNAV/RNP approaches/departures.

Furthermore, I don’t understand why SE class and type rating, etc are repeated with asterisks in the first place.

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